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Beavertail Trays


Professionally engineered using FEA simulation software


Heavy duty frame designed and rated to the capacity of your truck


Thick 5mm checked plate floor to avoid denting


Wide choice or ramp styles, single or twin, rated using Australian standards


FULLY WELDED along the entire length


High quality hydraulic pumps, with keyed isolator switch


Remote control option available

Our Beavertail bodies are of the highest quality on the market. They boast a heavy duty frame which is designed and engineered to carry the specified capacity of your truck. We use 5mm thick checked plate floor and a high headboard to suit the truck cabin.

We have a variety of ramp designs to suit your needs, or we can custom make them to your specification. Our ramps are rated in accordance with Australian design standards and will not bow or bend over time.

All our beavertail bodies are fitted with a high pressure electric pump capable of producing over 3000 PSI. Our hydraulic components are of high quality and leak free. We have an isolator switch fitted to all operation equipment, to insure accidental or unwanted operation, and you have the option to have them remotely controlled.

We build specially designed towbars for our beavertail bodies if this is something you require.

Our bodies are uniquely designed, and tested using state-of-the-art FEA software, to predict and eliminate failure due to stress and fatigue over millions of duty cycles. This is done by our mechanical engineers in house.

Each of our bodies is undercoated, and finished with two coats of quality German 2-Pack paint. You can choose the colour of your choice or have it colour-matched to the cabin. This is done in our in-house paint booth insuring the quality long lasting shine of your truck body.

All orders will come complete with all documentation required for Vic Roads registration, making the process simple and easy

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